We are two people: Crazyman47 and Sparks...

...and we're here to entertain you through a variety of delicious yet completely edible mediums!

Read the webcomics, don't read the videos - those are for watching (bar the bits that have words)! We play Minecraft, Evoland, Dust, Scribblenauts, Sleeping Dogs and many more. Our webcomic is too mental to describe, you can read from the start here

Contrary to popular belief, we have friends!*


Aerophite is a Redstone genius who plays with us on the ALP server and makes tutorials on his YouTube Channel. You're bound to learn something new with his videos!


Jake is part of our ALP server and is currently working on a pirate ship!

Nick Vegas

Nick Vegas is a handsome, incredible and awesome Let's Player who helped us write his bio. He mainly does Minecraft but also plays other games occasionally on his YouTube and TwitchTV channel. If you're after quality entertainment, Nick's your man!


What's chillin', dudes? torbray offers you deliciously laid-back Minecraft videos freshly imported from New Zealand coming in Cornerstone SMP and Skyblock flavour!

Steven O'Brien

Steven O'Brien is our favourite composer. He releases a lot of his music for free on his SoundCloud page and also does commissioned pieces for all occasions on his website. We highly recommend you check him out!


XRedDemon27 is a great Let's Player, he plays Minecraft on the Cornerstone Server and creates amazing redstone contraptions! Red is a creative editor so his videos are something to see!

They may not have fancy links like the people above, but we'd like to give a big thanks to Scaryfudge and Emberlynn03 for artistic assistance in creating this website, JaztheDormouse for the support and feedback and Pete for making the most amazing intro sequence YouTube has ever seen!

*Well, at least people who will admit to knowing us...